Friday, 30 March 2012

You raise me Up

The songwriter uses appeals to emotions very effectively in the song “You Raise Me Up.” This is very classic song for describing the west life.The music moves listeners and gives them a feeling of power and excitement. As for the words, they are simple to read and understand. From these words, we know the purpose of the song is to encourage people to work hard success because everyone should work hard for one reason or one person . In other words, the ‘You” in “You raise me up” can be anything, such as your father, mother and brother. Therefore, the words “You raise me up” deeply touch audience’s hearts.

The song’s lyrics are in first and second person. The singers West Life are singing to their supporter, “you.” Without the supporter, the singers would not have achieved their present-day success.


  1. You wrote the one which I want to write!!

    1. How wonderful the song is!. According to you said it generates the strong emotion appeals. While I was listening, the tears running down my face. As you said the potential audiences can be parents or children. It says, “I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; you raise me up…To more than I can be.” That is all the parents hopes so it sets up the close relationship with the audiences. The audience will put their position in the song and let the writer plays the emotion appeals to them and listen again and again!

    2. Personally I like Westlife very much, especially one of their songs called Season In The Sun. As what you have said, their songs usually were touched beyond the words. For instance, i know some of thier songs suggest that we should care of our family more insteand of working all day. A good band that should be introduced with friends!


  2. This is a very inspiring song. This song uses appeals to emotions. There is no specific "You" in the song, so it can be everything.